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Sunday is the dead day at most cons, and one as comfortably small as Izumicon is no different.

The most active hall cosplayers were mostly Homestucks. Among them was a DJ with a tiny turntable who attracted the attention of some famous musical robots.

There's something just a little bit creepy about the single eye visible under that mask.

His legend began in the 12th century!

I attended a couple panels in a row on the topic of writing and character development. They were as packed as you might expect, but the answers delivered by the panelists were informative. Left to right, they were: a long-time DM, a playwright and improv troupe chief, a college professor and author, and a long-time LARPer. I wish them luck in their respective fields.

The last main event of the day (as far as I was concerned) was a reprise of last year's Ask an Anime Character, starring Johnny Yong Bosch and Lisa Ortiz. They took all manner of questions and answered in-character, but this year they also had control of behind-the-scenes buttons that let them select different reaction faces for dramatic variance -- which resulted mostly in manic swapping between reaction faces for the fun of it.

The simultaneous highlight and lowlight was when Johnny got tired of answering questions as Ichigo and Vash and started answering them as "Michigo" and "Gnash," the characters' hitherto-unknown twin brothers. The "brothers" spoke in the same terrible accent, something between a foppish butler and a fresh-off-the-boat Chinese immigrant, which would be kind of offensive from anyone not half-asian himself.

And Johnny just kept bringing it up because he thought it was hilarious. Or perhaps he was trolling. Either way, he audibly had fun, and the audience had fun with him.

I swung back downstairs, picked up five boxes of Hello Panda cookies for $1 each, grabbed my second commission and departed.

Fun times, fun times. Small as it always is, Izumicon is local, and I like supporting it. It gets me out of the house and into the area nerd community. I heard it might move to a larger location next year, but we'll see.
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