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Saturday: another day of supporting my local nerds.

I wasn't even in the door before I spotted a Korra.

I'm surprised the flash didn't reduce Alucard to dust.

There were so many ponies.

This one's for my sister.

The other famous Akira Toriyama character.

Misa, L, and the Minecraft guy wandered the Dealer's Room among several former students whom I knew. Small state.

Ahhh! After ten thousand years, she's free!

Izumicon has a very lax policy on signs, I've found. Not only as part of a costume, but as unabashed "Free Hugs" signs. One young(?) lady even had "Free Kisses" inked on her arms, clear only when she stood still and cross-armed.

Brock. No comment needed.

A couple of assassins roamed the upstairs.

Also upstairs, one of my former professors, Dr. Wayne Stein, lead a roomless panel by several members of the UCO Budo Society. Budo wasn't alone; there were drums and various live weapon demonstrations. The crowd enjoyed it.

I took this picture because, somehow, it perfectly encapsulated the semi-interested, mildly-participatory air of twenty-somethings at a convention.

Courage, willpower, same thing.

Well, yes, I suppose that shield could be used as an umbrella...

There were a couple Sesshomarus. This one looked the part best.

What time is it? Time to suddenly appreciate what opportunities characters like Lumpy Space Princess provide to cosplayers. I mean, seriously. The LSPs in attendance owned the role. I can't handle these lumps.

Dr. Stein. Not my old professor, the other one.

Behind the con center proper, the pond's flow had finally been turned on. It washed some of the miniature koi (or maybe just large goldfish) downstream into the front fountain pond, but they didn't seem to mind.

Also out front, a roped-off area served as a sparring corner where any two people could wield safety weapons against each other. Finn got some sage advice from another swordsman.

She's Commander Shepard, and she's about to go pony-hunting.

I'm a little concerned that some attendees wouldn't get this joke.

I don't know who these ladies are, but I liked their costumes. I also didn't know who this little girl was supposed to be, but she was cute enough to merit a picture.

Johnny Yong Bosch and his band Eyeshine entertained a larger crowd than yesterday. He also told a less comedic story about how he got into music in the first place. It was short, and it went like this:

After he was cut from Power Rangers about 15 years ago, he couldn't get a job acting because he was half-asian. "Not asian enough for an asian role, not white enough for a white role." And so he fell into a jobless funk for a while, facing the prospect of having to move back home to Texas to, well, live. It was then that he remembered he had once bought a guitar on a whim with Power Ranger money, intending at the time to someday teaching himself how to play it. Potential destitution was all the motivation he needed. He ground down hard on his practice, went to a lot of competitions to hone his skill, and now today he leads a band which does sufficiently strenuous work that one of its members recently secured a work visa.

Nice guy, really.

After that panel I happened across Princess Staff Member.

For lunch I had a hot dog and a delicious yet too-large Mandarin Orange smoothie. They served as fine spectator food as I watched a spontaneous cosplayer train form up a circle the lake. I'm given to understand there were a lot of Homestuck characters in there.

Dr. Stein (the professor) showed anyone who would approach how not to swing a sword. We spoke briefly about things. When I said I had graduated some time ago with two BAs, he shook my hand rigorously and said he was proud of me for finishing what many people don't. Felt good, man.

Madoka and The Great and Powerful Trixie were near Artist's Alley, where I picked up a standard commission. I'll pick up the other one I ordered tomorrow.

As I left, Commander Shepard led some dancing among her friends, one of whom having naturally brought along a gun to put the Widow to shame.

Tomorrow: a bunch of panels on writing things.

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