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Yep, I'm still going to this thing, because I enjoy supporting the semi-local nerd community.

It also helps to get me out of the house for more than work.


To drive home how small the con is, I arrived at 10:30 shortly before they let in all the pre-registration people who were waiting. All four of us.

Inside there was a Halo guy.

Nothing vitally important was happening until 3:00, so I had a lot of time to spend. Some of it was in the video room with Nausicaa.

Previous years have seen Izumicon overrun with Hetalia people. Well, this year there were a lot of humanized ponies. Let those two stand in for all the rest. ... Well, no, include last year's awesome Pinkie Pie too.

Two of the Commanders Shepard were on-hand, should security need help with tough decisions.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey sexy ladies.

Tomorrow there is a "brain-eating contest" for zombies who really like Jell-O. If any real ones show up, there are contingencies.

A certain mermaid.

I think I missed the joke with Starfire's prop.

In the biggest change to the con since 2008, the Artist's Alley moved downstairs to switch places with the gaming tables. That's all of it, right there. It's the only Artist's Alley I know of which could fit in an actual alley.

Seems expensive.

Johnny Yong Bosch is the big headliner of the handful of guests this year. He and his band Eyeshine drew a Friday crowd to Main Events. To start things off, he told a story (and I will refer to him as Johnny because that's what he seems to prefer):

Once upon a time in Los Angeles, Johnny stopped at the traffic light of a freeway offramp and noticed a homeless woman far up ahead, the sort of person who always stands in a busy area with a cardboard sign. Feeling a surge of charity, Johnny emptied a Ziploc bag of carrot sticks and filled it with quarters (which he always keeps overflowing in his cup holders because parking in LA is expensive). He reached out the window and held out the donation, but the woman did not approach. Addled by age, perhaps, she instead held out her hands in waiting.

Very well, he thought. When the light turned green, he could drive slow enough to pass it off to her. A fine plan -- but for the large, intimidating Hummer which had just pulled up behind him. Due to the size of the vehicle and the fact that this was LA, the driver was, in Johnny's estimation, not the sort of person who would take kindly to someone slowing down.

The light turned green. Johnny accelerated, his mind racing. How would he deliver the quarters without being rear-ended by the monster truck behind him?

"Wait, Johnny," he said to himself. "You're a martial artist!" He could simply flick the bag on a perfect arc as he passed, and it would plop harmlessly into the poor old woman's hands!

And so, with time dilating to let his brain record every instant, at 25 to 30 miles per hour, Johnny Yong Bosch flicked a Ziploc bag full of quarters at an elderly homeless woman. ... 's face.

He can still remember every slow-motion frame of the impact.

And no homeless person was ever seen at that location again.

After the story, he sat with his band and answered audience questions -- musically. He would take a question and then sing a response, totally improv. Some of his greatest hits included I Should Have Been In Death Note, We Had Whataburger for Breakfast, and (My Favorite Power is That) I Control People (With My Eyes).

He and his band then played a couple acoustic songs, which included the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme. He graciously signed my hardcover Trigun mangas, whereupon I puttered around for a bit, bought some small plastic Pokemon, and went home.

Tomorrow: More of it!

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