Mar. 5th, 2013

jackscarab: (Sideways tree)
Scarab> That discussion of Homer actually meshes very well with the end of the discussion about Sam Witwicky.
RobotLyra> yeah, it's kind of sad when you think about it
Scarab> One of my favorite authors is Kurt Vonnegut.
Scarab> It takes a lot more than the points raised in that video to make me sad.
RobotLyra> back when the simpsons first came out, my parents forbade me to watch it, but the stuff from the first episodes was positively wholesome compared to some of it now
Scarab> I find it illuminating, like a marsh light over a floating corpse.
RobotLyra> I wish my period would hurry up and arrive so I could be morbidly amused by that darkness rather than haunted by it
Scarab> My apologies.
RobotLyra> it's okay, blame it on the estrogen!
Scarab> But yeah. People not getting the point of the story can be blamed for many of our ills.
Scarab> The Science of Discworld books examine at length how integral storytelling is to humanity. We would not be the creatures we are if not for the invention of stories.
RobotLyra> well I'd say then it's up to us to make some more positive stories, then
Scarab> Exactly. Which is how The Simpsons went downhill. They started off satirical, attempting to prod and shove us into being positive, but too many of us didn't understand the point.
Scarab> So ignorance becomes acceptable, so people act more ignorant, so stories are constructed to appeal more to a celebration of ignorance, so ignorance becomes acceptable...
Enker> Woo, degeneration!
Scarab> Flip a few chapters ahead, and you get Sarah Palin.
* Scarab touches his nose.
Scarab> Though Idiocracy had it as a matter of breeding, not of stories.
Scarab> Which itself is a bad story. That idiocy is necessarily genetic and unfixable.
Scarab> That people can't educate themselves out of ignorance. That science isn't a candle in the dark, so to speak.
Scarab> But it's easier to understand. Dumbed down to the base level to maximize the story value of Stupid Is Bad.
RobotLyra> I'm anxious and I no longer know whether simple placation is worthwhile or a time-delaying bandaid.
Scarab> I'm sorry, I'm not very conducive to peace of mind when I tip down my glasses and stare at something in words.

Don't we all, don't we all. The human condition, right there.

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