May. 15th, 2012

jackscarab: (Hmm.)
This article, "6 Ridiculous Lies You Believe About the Founding of America," could be one of the most interesting I've read -- from an educational perspective -- in recent memory. (I can ignore overlooking St. Augustine as this continent's oldest European settlement because the article told me that Monk's Mound is a thing.)

I was taught none of the stuff therein, of course, when I was in school. Mostly it deals with how thoroughly the native inhabitants were screwed.

I even learned something new from it. I knew that plague destroyed most of the natives, but the article put numbers and colorful descriptions to the devastation. Sobering, both.

It all goes to explain why U.S. culture is apocalyptic at times. I've noticed we always seem to look forward to the end of the world -- Y2K, 2012, Apophis, Israeli domestic policy -- but never quite put my finger on why that was. Now I have a better idea: we've seen an apocalypse already. The one which allowed this very culture to exist.

And we wonder in the back of our national skull how many days we must wait until it's our turn.

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