May. 8th, 2012

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So my grandma did something dumb recently. Possibly dimentia-related. I've now found out what that is.

First let me back up a bit. She, essentially blind and Parkinson's-riddled yet a naturally social person, has been cooped up at home with her nigh-immobile husband for a frustratingly long time. She evidently tried packing her things to get up and leave a few times in the past, but couldn't muster the energy or will to ditch the place.

Well, last week she decided she finally had enough of sitting around watching news and movies all day and wanted to leave.

She took the keys to their giant truck and tried to drive it away. Imagine it. An age-shriveled Bilboesque woman fumbling for the keys and likely dropping them repeatedly, planning to go... where, exactly? None know.

Her truck plans failed, thankfully. Undaunted, she tottered out into the neighborhood, luckily staying out of the street. She got five houses down before a neighbor noticed her and asked what was up. The neighbor took her inside, and a couple concerned phone calls later she was in a psychiatric hospital with her doctor. There she rests as I type this, waiting to move to an assisted living facility.

So this weekend we're going to stop by and say hello, while wondering what precisely will become of her house and the things in it.

At least she'll be around more people now.

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