Mar. 23rd, 2012

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The first time I heard of The Hunger Games, I was subbing a lower-ability English class and reading/listening to it on tape. From the chapter I read, which was toward the end, and the rest of the book I skimmed, I was intrigued. Not enough to pick the book up myself, but enough to understand that this was going to be a Thing.

I saw the movie today, and so I finally caught the remaining 90% of the story.

I can only hope the book was as good as the movie.

From a screenwriting standpoint, that was among the tightest yet most well-paced movies I've seen in years. Not a single scene was wasted. Not a single line was wasted. And strictly visually, not one bit of gold eyeliner, or garish probably-accurate-take-on-future-nobility formal wear, or obliquely sinister beard-curve was wasted. I was impressed and enthralled.

Seriously, I sorted through my ticket stubs to find the last thing I'd seen that impressed me to the same extent, and I landed on Scott Pilgrim.

Nothing was presented that I didn't get, because everything was presented in an informative way. Coming from a point of mostly ignorance, I left the theater with exactly two questions: "Is the book really that good?" and "Can I see more, right now?"

Katniss herself was great, and well-cast. I understand there was some controversy over whitewashing her, which I have to take at face value since I didn't read most of the book, but rest assured they didn't just give Alice or Dorothy a bow and sick her in the woods. She comes across as a very capable and highly knowledgeable rural marksman surviving against nature and Future Ameri-Roman culture with the same tenacity if not practice in both.

And I hope to see more of her soon.
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So Kate Covington put lyrics to the Chrono Trigger epilogue theme.

And sang them, of course.

Because she is awesome like that.

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