Mar. 7th, 2012

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So hey, there was a vote yesterday!

I couldn't vote since it was a Republican primary, but it's my understanding that Mitt Inevitable won most states, and Rick Santorum won Oklahoma.

Yes, Santorum came sweeping down the plains.

The hazmat teams are working around the clock.

But seriously, something important actually happened: Dennis Kucinich was defeated in his primary.

Kucinich, if you were not aware, is just about the most progressive member of Congress. He's at least in the top three.

The good news is that he was defeated by someone who appears to be just as progressive.

The bad news is that he was defeated at all, because Republicans carefully redistricted Ohio in such a way as to eliminate one of the most progressive members of Congress. Yes, he was that much of a thorn to them. He was gerrymandered out of his career.

What next? Well, he could move somewhere else and try again in the next election. He >could've done that this year, in fact, but he didn't want to abandon his constituents.

And there we see the greatest weakness of progressives: they care too much. Republicans will forever exploit that weakness, because they just do not give a living damn about anything but personal victory and personal wealth, both of which they gain by fealty to corporations above constitutions.

Fortunately, they are being punished in such a way that gives credence to the notion of karma: they are going to have Mitt Romney as their Presidential nominee.

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