Jan. 2nd, 2012

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Alyx stares out the observation window at the glowing portal sphere. She doesn't turn to look at the camera.

(mortally hesitant)
Your... your suit should be fine for the trip. I mean, you've been through a portal like this before. It wasn't one-way, obviously, but...
(long pause, rubs face)
The portal gun should still work. I don't think the physics on the other side will mess with it too much. The gravity gun and gluon gun will be fine too. Everything will be fine.

Alyx leans one hand on the window and reaches to the cube on her necklace. Still doesn't turn.

(self-distracting chuckle)
Hell of a couple weeks, huh? Never a dull moment. It feels like, like we've been doing this for years. Saving people. Fighting the Combine together.
(pushes off window)
And it could all be over once you go in there and... do what you do. We'll be free again. Freer than we've ever been.
I wish Dad was still around to see it. And Judith. Dog. Barney. Everyone. It's not the same world without them. You and Dr. Kleiner are all I have left.
(finally turns to camera, voice cracks)
But you're the--

Alyx bites her lip, covers her mouth and closes her eyes, in that order. Camera control stops, locking on Alyx.

(shuddering inhale, rubs eyes)
Sorry. Sorry, I know you'll be fine, I believe it, I believe in you, I just...

Alyx strides toward the camera, stopping short very close.

Damn it, Gordon, you've thrown yourself into every danger in the world and you never even said "slow down!" And now? Now if you pull this off it's the end of the Combine in our whole universe! It's more than anyone should have to do, more than anyone's ever done!
(grabs camera, shoulder-height)
Don't you have anything to say?

Alyx stares directly at us. Silence passes for a few moments. The voice that breaks it is that of an ordinary man, quiet yet reassuring, perhaps a little tired.

Thank you.

Alyx smiles. Closes her eyes. She leans in at such an angle and direction that it can't be anything but a kiss. She pulls back, in due time.

Give 'em hell, Gordon.

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